You can buy the Fuji or Rollei kits from macodirect in Germany; it's a bit cheaper than ag-photo because they don't charge the VAT to people outside the EU. Shipping will cost nearly as much as the chemistry, but you're still paying only a dollar or two per roll in total. I did like Nuff and stuffed my order (Fuji E6 kit plus 3L of C41 concentrates) with film to bring it to a hair under 10kg.

If you know you're going to use a lot, buy the 1L bottles (makes 10L).

The Fuji kit is nice because they give you heaps more bleach+fix (5L does ~200 rolls) than the developer has capacity for (80 rolls). I used 2 Fuji kits and kept the bleach+fix for use with the bulk Rollei developer. Rollei is annoying though in that the "concentrates" are not very concentrated so you end up paying to ship a bunch of water, though they are slightly simpler to mix.