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While on the subject of meters. I have a Luna-Pro F, and I just inserted a new Lithium 9V battery. The battery test button sends the needle off the scale, like it is getting way too much voltage. Should I not use lithium and go beck to regular alkaline cells like a Duracell or Energizer, or is there an internal regulator in the Luna-Pro which will still give me accurate readings with a strong battery. I prefer to use the long lasting lithium cell if it doesn't throw off the meter.
It might just need calibration. BUT to be sure, call these guys at Camera Repair Instrument Service (CRIS). They'll tell you what recommended power supply to use in it and they're also the authorized service center for Gossen. CRIS can be reached at:
Manfrotto Service @ C.R.I.S.
250 North 54th St
Chandler, AZ 85226

P: 480-940-1103
E: manfrottoservice@criscam.com

Take it light ;>)