Hi again,

I am trying to get more gear of LF before some or most are gone or difficult to get, so i am here asking about what some lenses i should buy to be set or covered for most areas, i am open to all recommendations.

For now i have the following lenses:

- Schneider SA 72mm XL
- Rodenstock APO Sironar-N 150mm
- Optar Wollensack 162mm [on my Graphic cameras]

* Yesterday ordered 135mm f4.7 Optar, and it has been processed for shipping, so just waiting.

Now i am thinking much about some lenses such as 210 or 240, 90, 300, macro [120 or 180] ...etc, which one of those you highly recommend to use? Say for portraits and still life/macro things, i don't plan to use that 162 and/or 135 on my Shen Hao camera, so i want to have another lenses for non Graphic cameras, what do you suggest?

If some will ask why or pointless to get more it is because i am very lazy trying to move lenses between different lens boards, you know that Graphics boards is almost different than Shen Hao [I think Linhof style] boards, and most lenses of Graphic not coming in Copal shutter, so i will keep some lenses for Graphic only and the rest is for Field LF camera.

Not in rush for those lenses, and i will have all my time to decide on those lenses i mentioned above i am thinking about.