Year after year i am trying to fix or complete my kit with film, and i have 3 issues so far with my film MF cameras wish i hope to fix sooner or later within time.

1. Mamiya RZ Pro II, the battery is draining, and i have having batteries cameras not rechargeable, but i found a battery model that is rechargeable to be used with my Mamiya RZ, hope this will solve the issue [didn't test it yet].

2. Mamiya 7II is still not working, could be the battery, also if no rechargeable battery i hate using it, so far i prefer those mechanical MF cameras with no batteries, but not sure if the issue is from battery or something else yet.

3. Hasselblad 501CM focusing screen is bad, i hardly can focus good, not like RZ screen which is superior for me than Hasselblad ones, i asked about it and got answers but not sure which options i should take before i spend money and not solving the issue. I have 2 different focusing screen [Matte and Matte-D] and both are awful to focus, so i am not sure if it is normal with Hasselblad or maybe there are better focusing screen.

Once i solve the 3 above issues then i will have more fun using film MF, for now the best film MF camera i have without issues and i love it is Fuji GSW690III, but it is a fixed lens and it is 6x9, not always i want that format even it is really lovely, the photos are so sharp and i am happy with it.

About the WLF vs. Prism, well, i get used to that WLF of RZ67II, but it is about focusing with me and still couldn't feel comfortable or get used the focusing with Hasselblad WLF, i don't know if i bought that Prism for Hasselblad it may solve the problem or make it easier to focus than WLF, but who knows, one day i hope to figure out the problem and manage to fix/solve it.