A Couple of Recent Good eBay Deals:

(1) A Canon EOS A2E with VG-10 originally owned by a tinkerer, pictured with a cord and quarter-inch phone plug extending from its right-hand grip/battery cover, offered by the owner's son or daughter, who wasn't familiar with dad's hobby or equipment. Got it for $5.50 plus shipping; turns out he'd taken apart a 2CR5 battery and wired the plug to its contacts to mate with a homemade D battery pack a la the Canon BP-5. The date code indicates the A2E was built in December, 1992, and other than the notch cut into the grip/battery cover, it looks and works great [good Command dial], with only a loose neck strap lug on its left [film canister] side, that is starting to fracture of the top cover. I really like the vertical grip and Eye Controlled Focus. One day, I'll take off the top cover to see if I can repair the strap lug.

(2) A gently used Nikon N90s with Battery Grip and Op-Tech neck strap and partially-completed [6 exposures taken] roll of Kodak Gold 400 for $25 plus shipping. This one had the common sticky film door issue, but I found a NOS replacement at an eBay dealer for around $20, and now the N90s is nearly mint.

For Balance, A Recent Not-so-good eBay Deal:

Feeling flush after running a second roll of film through the N90s, and reading that the Nikon F100's control layout is the prototype for Nikon's D-SLRs [I confess, I have a D70, D200, and D7000], I decided to put in a bid on one that was described as working when it was put away, but the seller was told by someone who tested the camera after it came out of storage that it didn't work - no ther details [Red Flag time!]. I took the chance anyway, and won the auction for $40 plus shipping; once in hand, the LCD display flashed 'ERR' when I pressed either the stop-down or shutter buttons, and the estimate by the shop I sent it to came back with a total repair cost of $279 for shutter and aperture control replacement. I pt it up for bids on eBay with shipping included, disclosing the details of the estimate report, and sold it for close to what I paid for it, but I'm eating the original shipping and $10 for the repair estimate.

Oh, well, win some, lose some . . . . .

Thanks and regards,