a very nice portrait lens for 4x5 would be a 10" (250mm) or 12" (300mm) Commercial Ektar. The 10" would be better, as the Shen Hao doesn't have enough bellows draw to focus the 12" to portrait distances. If you want/need a long lens for your Shen Hao, Fuji made a very nice 300mm telephoto lens (Fujinon 300mm T f8) that is a true telephoto, so it requires about 8" (210mm) of bellows to focus it at infinity. It has a limited image circle, and using swings/tilts with a telephoto is not recommended because the telephoto lens design alters the lens' nodal point relative to the physical center of the lens, so the effects are unpredictable. But telephoto lenses are often more compact and lighter than their traditional design equivalents, so the trade-off is often worth it.