I used 150mm, wasn't happy with it at all for outdoor architecture and even indoors, so that i wanted something much wide, i saw many results from 72 so i bought it, didn't try it yet but i know it is what i look for, 90 will be more use maybe and it is in my list to buy, but i will do that later and not in rush for it as long i didn't use 72mm much enough yet, so i can wait for 90mm.

The only lens i keep thinking about now is 210mm, but i think maybe i should go with longer, 240-300 could be the best choice over 150-210, and your comments showing me that those long lenses are standard for portraits, so maybe i should pass that 210 too and look at longer glasses, later i can add 90 and 210 together.

Good about LF from what i read is whatever brand i go with all will be high quality, it is like there is not bad quality LF lenses if clean used or NEW.