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Is there any cheap triggers i can buy that will work?
If you can find the older version of the Yongnuo 602 trigger/receiver combo, that's likely to work. You need the 602TX transmitter, not the newer 600TX transmitter, as the latter lacks a PC port. I use this combo on my Pentax 6x7 with a PC sync cable and the transmitter mounted on the handle cold shoe, and on my Bronica ETRSi or EOS3 on the hot shoe without the cable.

The difficulty is that Yonguo doesn't make the 602TX transmitter anymore, so they seem to be hard to find. If you are looking around and see someone offering what looks like the 602TX, ask explicitly about the PC port (lots of retailers just use the older photos). Even then, I had someone specifically confirm that they had the 602TX version and not the 600TX, and yet still sent me the newer 600TX.

I too didn't realize that the Yongnuo RF603c wouldn't work for my Canons and my MF bodies until I had already bought them.