Its ok, i put 2 lenses for macro to choose between, 120 and 180, i am not in rush now for a macro lens, my Shen Hao bellow extension maximum goes up to 360mm, so i will be at the maximum limit, but i am planning one day in the future to buy an Ebony 4x5 camera and the one i look at has almost everything i want or look for, even the bellow extension is longer [445mm], so i m thinking about future purchase too.

For now i can use my 150mm as macro lens, it is fine, just i don't like this lens for landscapes or indoors architecture, but for normal portraits half body or few close up it is not bad, i got it as a kit lens with the camera, so it is not a waste, i just try slowly to increase my lenses collection for LF, 72XL was my dream and i got it, 90 and 210 are my another dream lenses, but i was planning to have to sides or rows or lines of lenses, one row or line for my Shen Hao or future Ebony and another line for my Speed/Graphic cameras, i don't like to change between the boards as i said, and because that Graphic is limited by movement so i will keep it for few applications and i will buy separate lenses for it, mostly i was thinking to have that category between the two:

A. Shen Hao/Ebony: 72XL, 150mm, 90XL, 210 Symmar, a macro lens, and maybe 300

B. Speed/Crown Graphic: Optar 162mm and very soon i will receive 135 Optar too [both Wollensack], 240 or 250, something else maybe 105 or longer than 250 not sure

What do you think?