I have a Domke f-803 bag, sand colour, in great condition. Everything works as should with no tears or broken pieces. -$50 OBO plus shipping (should only be about $10-15). Over 50% off new prices. The black Domke bag in the picture has already been sold.

I also have a Hasselblad A16 back (for shooting 6x4.5 on Hasselblad systems and getting 16 exposures). Functions perfect with some wear. Great condition. I don't even know how much this stuff goes for anymore. Prices on eBay are all over the place and KEH prices are over $125 for all of them. How about $60 OBO plus shipping ($10 in Canada and the USA)?

I also have a Hasselblad tool that will unjam your camera. This tool saved my ass more times than I care to think about. $10 shipped or I'll throw it in free with the back, which ever comes first.