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I've been out shooting with my Kiev 88CM (hassy1000 rip-off for those who don't know) and had people ask me what it is. When I give my standard reply, "you know a Hasselblad? It's the soviet rip-off of that", noone even knows what a Hasselblad is (except for the one or two who know of it being responsible for the Lunar. Oh how the mighty have fallen).
To be fair though, most aussies (present company excluded) would barely even know a real hassy if it bricked them across the face (which is coincidentally a good escape if someone who does know what they are wants to relieve you of it). Generally the next question after someone asks what I'm using is along the lines of, "does that take film, can you still even buy film?"...
I find it a good thing that Aussies are ignorant about hassies. That's why I managed to pick one up really cheap

Most of my friends have no clue what it is. They just know that it takes amazing photos. As in they look better than what their mobiles can take (cell phone for americans).