I managed to find a second-hand copy of Stephen Dalton's book 'Secret Lives'. This was published in 1988 and the quality of reproduction is really rather good - I have no idea how they got an image from a transparency into print in the late 1980's but perhaps someone could fill me in on this. Anyway, most of the prints come from 35mm Kodachrome 25 or 64 and are printed up to about 8"x11" or so for a full page print. The thing is, yes you can see the grain but it is actually really rather beautiful, especially in the out of focus areas of solid colour. The way that the tones change with the small dots is very painterly and very pretty. I used to hate grain in colour (I tend to love it in monochrome, especially Delta 3200), but I have now come to really quite value it. I think I shall take more in 35mm transparency and try to exploit this quality.