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[...]One of my favourites is on the Mansfield-Woods Point Rd near Howqua.
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I'll second that general environment for scenic value!

There are treats all around them thar hills.

Good too is the ever-photogenic ancient servo at Woods Point (there's a decent pub, too!). An adventurous but scenic drive to get there. Other places are the A1 Mine Settlement and Gaffneys Creek with their ancient, tiny two-roomed shingle cottages dotted throughout the lonely bush. People do live there (wouldn't be many now I imagine) and it's doubtless a very solitary and self-sufficing life, and utterly isolated to boot. By way of mention, I rode my touring bike from Mansfield to Walhalla (we caught a Harris diesel-electric train from Melbourne to Mansfield, something you just will not see in this day and age) in 1981 with cycling author Ray Peace over the Cup Day weekend at the time (written up in cycling rag "TROCHOS" as 'From Woods Point to Walhalla'): very rough mountain tracks, extreme gradients, heavy rain, ice, snow and slush (unsealed road through Walhalla until 1984). Wasn't keen to see it all again and then, bravely or not, in the comparative comfort of my first car (a Sopwith Sigma!) in November 1994!

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