Cleaning out the PHSNE warehouse and I came across two big silver colored box-like things with the intriguing label "Magazine - aircraft roll film" and the warning that they take 28 VDC and 3 Amps. there is also a vacuum hose nipple on the top. The manufacturer in Hycon, and they seem to be for 9" roll film, though I didn't actually measure them. They are both in excellent shape and need a good home. I realize not many of us still shoot 9" roll film, and these things aren't exactly street camera material, But I figured I'd put them out there for free and see if somebody might have a use for one or both of them for parts or whatever.

We'll have to arrange a pick-up (Boston area or CT) because shipping these things would cost big time, but I'm willing to drive them to some midway point if somebody can use them.