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The words you most frequently run across when referring to the coatings on the Series E is "simpler coatings". It doesn't necessarily mean "not multi coated".
The prime lenses optical design were all simpler 5 or 4 elements. The revered 100mm f/2.8 is only a 4 element design. They all have a purplish coating colour. The zooms had more elements in their designs and the colour of their coatings were a mix of green mainly on the front elements and purple in others.
No where in Nikon literature I could find a reference to their coatings. You make your mind if they are multi coated, or not.

The Series E lenses are all well build and have survived for the last 30 years. In the UK, even the normal 50mm f/1.8 still fetches a high price, normally between 50-65.
Nikon did not say the Es were NIC but that does not mean they were not both mine look they are from the colour and abrasion resistance.
The 5cm was a 6 element double Gauss 1,1,1,2,1 construction similar to its predecessor and successor Nikkors.
If you buy a series E 5cm on a FG-20 or EM in a charity shop you may get the package cheap.
Nikon needed the series E for the cheapo EM, FG, and FG-20 sales, but they still needed people to buy the AI-S Nikkors. The Nikkors were designed to ignore a high speed drive and 250 back day in day out with Teflon bushes on all moving parts. kuncka, kuncka, ... kuncka.
Don't try stripping an E unless you know how.