Firstly, what a bit of genius, in my opinion. Good work. Have you heard of the book "iconoclast"? Worth a read if you think like this.

Secondly, I don't see that there are accurate sensitometric measurements being fed into the database for future printing. If I would do something like this (I keep old prints with the notes written on the back of them instead of putting them in a database, although I have thought about using R for something like this), I would use a tool for accurately measuring the intensity of a few key zones on a negative, like skin, shadow and highlight. This is what I record in my notebook. There is a simple formula, which I use. In fact, when I bought a Darkroom Automation meter, I sent N Lindam a letter:

"I thought you might enjoy learning that I have found great use for this, having read a bit about HD curves and such like. I am using a colour diffusion enlarger, with only blue and green channels. I simply found the time and reading suitable for printing a Zone II shadow to the correct density and now use that reading as a custom exposure value:
log_2(t)+Meter Reading = ZoneII reading
I can therefore adjust the lens until it gets me into a similar meter ball park as I have used previously (avoiding any reciprocity issues) and then find the time by rearranging the above equation. It has literally increased my productivity 10 fold.
I am yet to make full use of the meter in terms of adjusting the balance of green and blue light to control contrast per the negative, but this will happen in due course. For the moment I am just startled at how accurate this method is in terms of getting prints out."

I have since gone on to quantify the amount of green and blue light required to hit an exact contrast setting.

Often you will meet naysayers in life. Don't be discouraged!