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Nikon did not say the Es were NIC but that does not mean they were not both mine look they are from the colour and abrasion resistance.
The 5cm was a 6 element double Gauss 1,1,1,2,1 construction similar to its predecessor and successor Nikkors.
If you buy a series E 5cm on a FG-20 or EM in a charity shop you may get the package cheap.
Nikon needed the series E for the cheapo EM, FG, and FG-20 sales, but they still needed people to buy the AI-S Nikkors. The Nikkors were designed to ignore a high speed drive and 250 back day in day out with Teflon bushes on all moving parts. kuncka, kuncka, ... kuncka.
Don't try stripping an E unless you know how.
I checked the leaflet that came with the 5cm E it's print date is 83.11.EE. the lens was sold in '85
It says
'if you use ether in cleaning the lens, a smudge sometimes appears on the surface of a multicoated lens. If this happens wipe it again with a cotton cloth moistened with alcohol'
The lens is a pig to clean like the MC filters I use.
I have an earlier '79 5cm E and it is similarly difficult but butt ugly all black plastic.