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What happens if you don't wash after the stop bath? I haven't so far, going to bleach directly and did not observe any issues. TIA.
Sorry for late reply. The problem is specific to BLIX kits. Regular bleach and fix kits have bleach at pH 4-5.5 so the bleach also works as stop bath. BLIX on the other side is set to pH above 6, and at this high pH it won't fully stop the color developer. As a result, the Ferric EDTA will oxidize left over color developer which will then react with color coupler to form a dye.

For some reason I never had obvious problems with small format, but I got nasty yellowish blotches in blue sky on my medium format films, and these blotches didn't happen when I used a proper stop bath between CD and BLIX. A simple Acetic Acid stop bath will suffice for this purpose, followed by a quick wash before you pour in the BLIX.