I developed 6 rolls with a fresh C41 kit (its the unicolor/jobo/tetenal powder press kit) tonight and there are spots on the base side of the film that appear to be crystallization, some areas of the film have it less or not at all but some areas are pretty bad. I used distilled water for all steps, so I don't see how it could be mineral deposits, I've seen those and this looks different. What can I do to get this stuff off? Can I restabilize them with something else? I've been reading and it looks like kodak final rinse is an option. I tried clipping off a couple negatives and restabilizing them with some old tetenal stabilizer from another one of these kits I mixed 6 or 7 months ago (that didn't give me any of these spots), the resulting negatives look better but I think I would need to go for longer to completely get rid of the spots and I don't know if its possible to over do it. I also tried wiping the spots off with a micro fiber cloth which worked but I don't want to scratch them. Any help is appreciated, I've never run into this particular problem and these are kind of important negatives.