I've got a few APX25 and APX100 in 135 in the freezer, just scored a frozen 50' roll for cheap too. I keep hearing how APX and Rodinal were born to work together, any suggestions for times and/or agitations? I can get times from the MDC, are they accurate? And is it better to do less agitations every 30s, or more every 2 mins?
My standard N time for APX100 in 120 is 11minutes in Rodinal 1+50 20C gentle agitation the first minute and 10 seconds gently every minute thereafter.
APX25 10 minutes with same dilution, agitation and temperature.
Printing with a condenser head but they scan well too at this combo.
APX and Rodinal are made for each other as far as I am concerned.

Should ad that I shoot APX100 at 100 and APX25 at 20