Hello All,

I just finished a short 3 day vacation trip and came back with 15 rolls of film ready for development. I had a blast shooting both my Nikon FM2 and Fuji GA645. Next week, I am off for another trip, this time one that will require air travel. I was planning to shoot this trip with my digital gear, but since I had so much fun with my film gear, I am reconsidering. I am 100% unsure of where to buy film at my location and so would have to bring my own. It is very unsure to me if I can get the film hand inspected at the airport. I can try, but no promises can be made.

So, assuming the worst, my film would have to go through the X Ray machine twice, once there and once back. I plan on brining only ISO100 and ISO400 speed film.

What level of risk is there with this film being harmed by such treatment? Would you proceed with this totally unworried, or would you be concerned?

Thanks everyone!