Selam Serdar,

I am surfing the internet for 15 years and I only found that an New York High School was experimenting to make these plates. I dont know how we would see an image from these plates but may be ultraviolet light reveals something. The plus side is the ability to record immense amount of information with that biology. Bacteriorhodopsin is the fastest working data recording and data processing medium also. Soviets makes radars to instantly track and identify the enemy with bacteriorhodopsin volumetric processors. Some say F22 have that kind of radar processors in their electronics . It is the best data recording medium in the world.

Photography with that medium is the easiest thing you can do. And we can make electronic sensors with that medium also. Large sensors or linear array sensors.

If picasso recorded an image on fungus at 1917 and we reveal it at 2013 , its strong and its a fast working ,camera speed medium also.

I am thinking to follow molecular biology classes at istanbul from fatih university and you can learn more at bilkent.

I am going to university next week to collect course notes of first year from class 2 students. May be I can find a professor to ask questions.

Take care,