I built my current darkroom in a space that already had a small window AC embedded in the wall (before we bought the house). I have been using it for cooling (please, no lectures about how you don't have AC in your darkroom and you do just fine - I live in Texas for heat's sake) and a small oil-filled radiator for heat in what passes for winter here. Efficient enough, but I had intended from the beginning to replace it with a unit that both heats and cools.

However, procrastination set in. My father always told me that there was nothing more permanent than a temporary solution. Yes, Dad.

Still, Fall is approaching, and I had considered going ahead and doing it this year rather than getting the radiator out again. I even had a contractor out earlier this week to give me a bid on a mini-split unit, but that turned out to be too expensive, so another window unit will have to do. I have a darkroom workshop scheduled 3 weeks from today, so do I wait until after, or get the new one in before hand?

Fate has answered all my questions, as this morning the old unit quit! The motor is frozen up and it's not worth fixing. How's that for timing and motivation? I've got film to process, prints to make, and a workshop to prepare for. Off to the appliance store!