hi vick

i searched a little too ... things in the wollensak catalogs for f6.3 but no t6.8
from what i remember some of the wollensak 65's were for MF cameras, and do not cover
a 4x5 sheet ( dim corners ? ) and some say they do ( quality control issues ? or different definitions of what "covers" means? )
but others have suggested that they ( 65mm raptar / optars ) are similar to the 65mm angulons
and cover a 4x5 sheet ( illuminate + dim corners ? ) ...

dan fromm,
one of the posters at the graflex.org thread might be able to give you his take on the lens,
he is a poster here too ( and largeformatphotography.info as well ) ...

good luck !!


ps. i bit the bullet and got a used 65mm super angulon a few years ago, too many different variables in finding a cheap / inexpensive lens
that would do what i needed it to do ...