In a recent thread, dehk was looking into what might be a great way to shoot 6x9 - a small Crown Graphic.

You would be able to explore many lens options, including Kodak Ektar. If you could find a small Speed Graphic with a working focal plane shutter you would have more lens options because you would be able to use barrel lenses.

I love shooting 6x9, and have two folders. I don't love the dust from bellows. But I enjoy the compact size, reasonable weight and the large negatives. Film flatness is a non-issue because the look you get is NOT a clinical perfectly sharp edge-to-edge image. You get areas that are sharp with a little softness on the edges.

When you get a folder like an Ikonta or Bessa, you get one lens - one camera. And that's fine, but you commit to the look in advance.

At least the Medalist doesn't have bellows to get leaky/flakey.

But it weighs three pounds and for that weight, I can use my 4x5.