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You may also at the same time consider humidity control, if you are going to stabalize your darkroom with heat , go the whole magilla with humidity.
Another vote for humidity control for anyone else reading this not from Texas. Mine is a daylight basement darkroom built out by me from the wall studs. Even though I initially installed a vapor barrier all around and sealed the concrete floor, humidity persists. So I finally gave in and purchased a small inexpensive 9-liter capacity floor dehumidifier.

Wow. What a difference. Especially in the summer time. During the winter it can take 2-3 weeks to fill the unit when set to 50% humidity. During the summer less than 48 hours. Huge amounts of water are removed. I was amazed.

Most of my darkroom work is done during our long winters. So during the summers I now store all of my cameras and equipment in the darkroom to keep everything dry and fresh. Can't afford to miss any of the short periods of nice weather we are barely allocated around here.