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I had to read this a few times...I think affordability is quite subjective.
The standards of what is a high and low price today has been decimated by the cheap assembly line equipment made cheaper with plastics and terrible construction aimed at reducing cost and not increasing longevity. Since these cameras over the decades have overwhelmed the consumer market, it defines an unrealistic standard of "affordable". Yes, it is subjective, but being able to spend a year or less saving up and working towards camera equipment sounds affordable to me. If you can't fit it in your budget in 2-3 years or less, it's likely not that important to you since you didn't allocate an amount of income necessary to make it happen sooner. That being said, I understand some people have very low Income jobs and this is very difficult. That perspective I understand very well as I work at bare change above minimum wage in the united states for a living and have worked out the equipment I need. Photography is very important to me though, and having the equipment I want was of top priority so I could focus on making the pictures instead of getting a relatively cheaper camera quickly and working my way up to the one i really wanted. Im not trying to pull a ken rockwell and passive aggressively attack anyone who dosent have one of his rotating points of view as their top priority. Simply, if you photograph a lot, make it happen, like anything in life, just do what you can. If its just for fun, maybe waiting longer will be fine, or settling for less will function just fine. Unless the camera you wanted is on the cheaper end of the market anyway, in which case you are in luck. Of course a whole discussion could exist on the topic of affordable so to just cut down on that we can speak relatively. The Leica Noctilux 50mm f0.95 is not affordable at 11,000$. A Leica M lens around 2,000$ is even difficult to make work. But even compared to the cheap assembly products of the modern digital age, a screwmount Leica body at around 300-350$ and a lens for another $300-$500 is pretty reasonable. Although I'm sure someone will disagree with this. I guess that depends on how important photography is in your life and how much what you really want compares to your net income minus expenses.