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I used Summitar , Elmar , Summicron and they are all different animals. You must conduct a good research before buying a Leitz lens. Find manufacturing date annals and magazines and compare everything with everything. May be large format Ektar or Wollensak or a Zeiss on Hasselblad is better for you. Leica lenses are for people who have idea on them or you end up saying nikon is better next month.
Leica lenses are for people who have M mount / LTM cameras. In some cases Nikkor lenses ARE equal or better (show me a Leica lens longer than 135mm that can be used on an M mount camera with accurate framing and focusing and I'll eat my shoe)

You should be able to find a collapsible summicron for not too much money...be wary of the coatings and haze though...I guess that applies to all older Leitz lenses. Alternatively, a good collapsible LTM lens on an M adapter could be just as viable a solution...