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How clever of you. Too bad you didn't actually read anything I wrote.
If you're talking to me, no Michael, I actually agree with much of what you wrote. I myself use various forms of masking (both on film and with cutouts) to produce certain prints. I think the crux of the issue is that a beginning printer should not concern themselves with the numbers behind the tones in their print, they should just adjust one variable at a time to make a print look good. Somewhere in the middle a printer expands and refines his/her toolbox to incorporate a large number of advanced techniques, and I feel the rest of the time is spent sorting out which ones actually make a difference in your work.

I don't follow any hardline workflow, I just f**k around with it until it looks right. Doing that repeatedly has made it fairly easy for me to print most of my negatives without having to resort to using any sort of "advanced" printmaking methodology. But when I do have a negative that needs it, you bet that I'm happy to have those skills in my toolbox.

I print like I cook, not the other way around, that's all...