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Which $400 Topcon/Topcor lenses are you referring to? Maybe the range finder lenses are collectible, not sure. But nothing came up over $400 on Evilbay completed listings (aside from one of the M39 lenses).

In general terms, don't confuse 50/1.8 and 50/1.4 lenses with F1.2 lenses such as the 50/1.2 or 55/1.2 Zuikos as they are clearly different and attract completely different prices...
I don't want to link to specific adverts, but I've recently seen a few f1.4 50mm and 58mm for close to $400 and up to around $650. Sure, there were some cheaper ones also, particularly 1.8 models or bundled with cameras. But there was even a lens hood for the 1.8 model for around $130. I might pay that for the lens - but for the hood?