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Ask for hand checking. I always do. That way there is nothing to worry about. The more film, and more exotic film (120 or 4x5), the less objection there is. One time is safe for 800, 2 for 400, 3 for 200 and 4 for 100. That's just 2 trips. No way I'm subjecting my film to that. It's not just the cost of film, but also hotels, plane ticket and rental car, that you're risking to get your shots. And my granddaughter is 10 months old only once.
This is just paranoia... 1x carry x-ray pass per 100 ISO speed is based on what??? I've put 400 ISO through 16 passes between Asia and the US with no decernible affects; and 3200 at least 6x. The radiation doses your film receives on longer flights at altitude exceeds a pass through carry on back-scatter x-ray machines. Basically, in over 99% of cases, carry on x-ray has no practical impact on film.