Ok so some people need curve shapes, some need complicate masks to make a print, others need just simple tools.

IMHO and only my opinion, printing should be fun and very simple, otherwise over a lifetime one will take on other avenues of entertainment , lets say golf, or play a musical instrument.

Micheal- I use sensitometry every day to control my process, probably more than any single person that I know that loves photography. I assume that also would be more than you , but hey you may be the next Ron Mowrey and I tip my hat to you.

But when I am under an enlarger, by the flick of my hands I can make a print, and for sure the densitometers are outside the room.

All my posts are directed to those wanting to learn a simple way of making prints... and yes since I use the magic bullet of Split Grade every single print its in my notes... You may think its voodoo and since this is my thread as the OP you can leave any time you like and don't slam the door.