I would recommend holding a Medalist and see if it's a camera that you would enjoy using. It's a large and bulky camera, and I never really found a way to hold it comfortably. I'm a guy and have largish hands.

Much also depends on how you shoot. If you want the ability to change lenses, then you should think about the Horseman / Graflex / Fuji / press camera route.

I love my folders, but I realize that they aren't for everyone. And they have their own limits

The earliest Super Ikonta has a shutter release that is a small plunger near the shutter. Not really convenient. The later ones have a left-hand shutter release.

I have an Agfa Record III that is a very nice camera. It has an uncoupled rangefinder, as does the Zeiss Ikon Mess Ikonta 524/2.

The Agfas have their own set of problems, which include frozen lens helicals and plastic bellows, which can develop holes.

The Voigtlander Bessa II sells for a lot of money, especially those with the Heliar.

One thing to realize about any camera from the 1950s or earlier is that it will need to be serviced. There are some cameras that have been serviced. Just make sure that the camera is operating correctly.

In theory, a unit focusing lens should outperform a front-cell focusing lens. I would say that it depends on the lens. Personally, I haven't noticed a huge difference in performance.

My recent favorite is a Zeiss Ikon Mess Ikonta 524/2 with a coated Tessar.

I have some reviews on my site of some 6x9 folders that I own. I also have an older Bessa and the Agfa Record III, which I haven't written about.