It seems over the last year you have been targeting me with your posts and each time you follow with a lame apology. This post seems to me quite odd where you are cross referencing my posts from thread to thread.

Whatever floats your boat dude... I will not see your response on this thread or any other for that matter as I have decided to put you on ignore as you simply have nothing concrete.. To Me.. anyways to add here on APUG.
I will not follow your posts from this point on so that the impulse for me to do what I think you are doing to my posts will not be possible.

QUOTE=Michael R 1974;1549884]John, if it was about beginner vs advanced I'd have no beef with it. But this stems from the other thread with the printing maps. Bob was adamant printing maps are nonsense. Post 52 in this thread appears to be a continuation of that line of thought.[/QUOTE]