hi Ned

You may surprise yourself.. the TEST does allow you to make contact sheets for reference... I did not mention in my post, So you do have the chance to make three contacts of each film so 45 in total.. one normal , one under and one over.

by staying on the same roll you can use your contacts for reference... if a image looks good beside the next one you pretty much have the balance nailed.

You can then observe the darker and lighter contacts to see where you are going to want to go, if you do the unders and overs in 1/2 stop setting then it becomes a bit more easier..

Once you start you will find the only thing you are doing is dodging and burning and looking at density and contrast..

the first day is the hardest for everyone I have asked to try this test.. the second day is much easier and as you can guess the third day is liberating.


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Hi Bob,

First of all thanks for those stories: wonderful!

Second of all thanks for the advice. I could never make 300 prints in 3 days, but I might manage 300 in 100 days! That's okay. It will take me several months to go as far as your assistants do in 3 days. In the end, it's what I figured: practice ad learn, practice and learn... I get the point about diverse conditions too.