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I have a fondness for Heliar and Novar lenses. A Bessa RF w/ a Heliar (or even a Skopar) would yield superb 6x9 negs. Or get one of the Ikontas w/ Novar lens. Actually, there are a variety of 6x9 folders that will give you excellent shots. Film flatness is not an issue w/ a red window camera. Just don't advance the film all the way after each shot, and snug it up the rest of the way after you've unfolded the camera. A service is a DIY thing. Clean the shutter w/ lighter fluid if it's sticking, clean the lens elements, and confirm and adjust the focus at infinity w/ a GG on the frame rails and a loupe. Very simple stuff.

Save yourself a LOT of grief and buy an inexpensive electronic shutter tester that runs on the free program Audacity. These testers can be had for under $40, or you can build one for peanuts. It's imperative to know at what speed the shutter is firing at, vs what it says on the shutter. A nice clean will nearly always get them up to spec (usually a stop slow), and if your tester shows that you're experiencing shutter bounce, it's better to sell the camera and start anew, as this is a difficult issue to remedy. Otherwise, even a nice under $100 6x9 folder will give you wonderful photos. Unit focus is better than front cell only if you're shooting portraits or up close.
And here is an actual example from my late-1930s Bessa Rangefinder, Heliar, Ektar 100, check out the detail on the blue tractor at 'Original' size on Flickr. And as momus says, the Skopar is also very good (and btw I have also found the Helomar triplet to be very good).