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I have 25 or so reusable cassettes, but if I can reuse the prespooled cassettes it would be more cost effective and ecologically sound.
You've already purchased the reusables so that throws out part of your green argument. The factory spools are steel and plastic; both very recycle-able, so don't worry about the 'waste' on those. They are not made to come apart so it's hard to blow off the felt. That is your primary concern. I've had five feet of Plus-X that carried a single five foot scratch from something in the felt. Use the reloadables and buy a can of green air and blow the felt off with every reload. I use five of the black plastic ones with the twist off end and they've been fine for three cycles so far. Have even dropped one on a wood floor and the end didn't pop off. Just checked out the Leica cassettes; none at KEH and $35 a pop on that auction site. As nice as they look five of those would still buy a lot of film.

And cut yourself some slack. If you're worried about waste just make sure every frame you expose is a keeper. Bresson loaded from bulk and even he couldn't manage to do that.