Hi folks -
I'm in the process of moving, and need to find money for the down payment - else I would never let this lens go. It is a phenomenal lens for UV, Visible, and IR work on Nikon cameras, and can be used for multispectral photography as well, as it retains focus through the entire spectrum. If you haven't heard of this lens before, please read up on it here: http://diglloyd.com/articles/Coastal...0f4/index.html
The going price for the lens at present is 4900.00. I would like $3900.00, and if interested, will include a FUJI is-pro camera with 9 Peca filters for $500.00 more. I know It's a lot of money, but this lens is well worth it (particularly at a savings of $1000.00). The lens has been extremely well treated and is in mint condition.
Please let me know if you are interested or have any questions, and thank you for considering my ad!
Best - Ed