From these comments, I would guess that lens interchangeability is not important, if it is important that drives the entire conversation. I don't believe you have mentioned what type of work you intend to do in 6X9, landscapes, general photography or areas where control or precise focus is required.

About 6 months ago I was fortunate to win the bid on a Fuji GW670II, which is not the GW690 you had a chance to use except the difference in format. I have been very impressed with this camera, the format and the results. There are still people out there that can service these, and I would agree it is a bit big (Texas Leica is a great name) it may weigh in at about the same as my Nikon F3 with Motor Drive attached. And I would have no problem using it as I would a 35MM like the Nikon. If you are patient on Ebay or resourceful with sites, etc. I think you can avoid overpaying for a Fuji.

Also, if memory serves me correctly, Fuji also manufactured a folder during the same time span, but in 6X9 format I don't know. Hope this helps.

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Thank you for all of your advice. I expected it would be diverse, and it is. Since my earlier post I have done some more research, and it has allowed me to rule out some of the lower spec folders because I want a shutter that has at least a nominal speed above 1/200 (and I do know that leaf shutters on those cameras often are slower than promised). And I did look at Mamiya Universal Press cameras because I remembered they shot 6X9. I will investigate Baby Graphics, as I am intrigued by the possibilities of trying different lenses and having some perspective controls. But size-wise, these are my finalists right now: Mess Ikonta C, early Fuji 6X9 rangefinder or a Medalist II if I can find one that is fully functional at a comparable price. You've convinced me to stop worrying about film flatness. I had figured that if any roll-film format would be problematic in that area, it would be 6X9.