Hello everyone,

I've become addicted to the split image focussing on my Praktica MTL5, for once every photo on the roll came out how I wanted!

I'm thinking of trying to fit one into my favorite camera, the Minolta 110 Zoom SLR MK1. I kow the mark 2 version has such a focussing screen and wondered if these were more or less the same part, were similar enough to sort of "wedge in" for lack of a better phrase, could be modified to fit or were just to different to even attempt.

A friend has the MK2 version but unsurprisingly was unwilling to let me have a quick poke about in it. I also can't find any service manuals for the MK2 version anywhere online.

If anyone has scans of the MK2 service/assembly manual or a diagramatic drawing of the split screen assembly confirming dimensions I'd be extremely grateful.

Many Thanks, Mike