This case is pretty much just like the Zone VI version, but this one doesn't have a maker's name on it. Very nice condition!

It doesn't stink, but has a slight twinge of 'must' if you decide to stick your head into it. I'll leave it out in the sun to air out for another day or so.

•Has a few light marks, the bottom showing the majority(but you don't look at the bottom when it's on the ground, DO YOU ;-)????)
•Zippers and pulls are 100% working, no snags, hang-ups or other funny business.
•Internal dividers cannot be re-configured. As you see them is how they are arranged, UNLESS you decide to take the x-acto to them(at your own risk!)

I imagine this was designed to hold a 4x5 Wista/Calumet/Zone VI sized folding field camera, but my DD 4x5 Special(same as the 5x7) fits in there too, albeit snug. But it fits!

Outside(all dimensions are very conservative readings, you can probably stretch these out +0.5 -> 1" or so, more):
15.5"(L) x 10"(W) x 9.5"(H)
15"(L) x 9"(W) x 8"(H)

Please see photos below to assess condition according to your own rating scale.

$100 + shipping costs will get this great case into YOUR hands, just in time for fall shooting!
USPS Money Orders, cash in-person, or Paypal(if you cover the 3% in fees incurred)

*Don't lose your black camera case in the fall foliage again ;-)! Keep those film holders from overheating in this schnazzy, slightly off-white(bone/light cream) colored case!


all pictures I've shot can be seen here:

showing 4x5 Speed Graphic inside:

showing 5x7/4x5 Special Deardorff inside: