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This is just paranoia... 1x carry x-ray pass per 100 ISO speed is based on what??? I've put 400 ISO through 16 passes between Asia and the US with no decernible affects; and 3200 at least 6x. The radiation doses your film receives on longer flights at altitude exceeds a pass through carry on back-scatter x-ray machines. Basically, in over 99% of cases, carry on x-ray has no practical impact on film.
Not paranoia, just bad math. I multiplied the exposure instead of adding it.

I based this on what the government tells us - that film is safe to iso 800. Is it unreasonable then to assume then that 1600 is possibly unsafe? In that case, a 2nd exposure could cause fog on iso 800 film. 2 more exposures could affect iso 400, another 4 could affect iso 200, and so on. I hate to do this, but have to ask for a citation for the comparative levels of exposure in flight vs xray.