Good morning ya'll!

This week end i found what i thought was a good deal on a Beseler 23cII color head from my local Craigslist that i set up in my soon to be darkroom.
I want to print 6x7 and Xpan negatives essentially but i need some items for the dry section that didn't come with the enlarger:
- a 90 / 105mm enlarging lens, even a 135 might work? not sure... - if possible mounted on a Beseler 23 lens board (i'm not sure how hard it is to mount those lenses )
- a negative carrier for 6x7 / a xpan one? those seem hard to find for cheap... i might go for DIY
- an easel that could do 5x7 and 8x10 (won't go further in my bathroom)
- a grain focuser
- an enlarger timer (?)

As anyone can guess, i'm an absolute beginner in the darkroom so this list might not be complete, but for a start that should be enough. I don't have much money that i can spend in all of this, the cheaper the better

Thank you for your help