I think if anything it is making a comeback. Film use seems to be gaining interest with the younger crowd to a certain degree. And I also think that collectors that buy photography for hanging in their homes also are cognizant of the differences between an ink jet print and a hand made print in the darkroom and can see the subtle differences in the quality of the print and the feel of the paper.

I can't imagine not being able to work in the darkroom because I am to busy. I have found some real easy ways to make time. Drag my butt away from the TV works well. I live out in the country so driving to a shop that carries darkroom supplies can easily take me an hour round trip. Solution? Again simple. I call Rob at Big Camera and give him my order. He puts in in a box or 2 and like magic it is here in a couple of days. Simple and saves me quite a bit of time driving around in traffic. As far as cost goes, in the long run I think in my particular world it is about a wash. When you add in the cost of fuel and the time, I'd rather have the delivery guy employed.

I think film is far from dead. I think it is now actually more of an art. Don