I think that it's time to make more prints. The more of us that do that, the better our chances are.

Everybody is so darned ADD these days, wanting everything now now now. Waiting for something good is a beautiful thing, and to slow down in anticipation. Patience, I think, breeds good art. The immediate feedback can be a detriment, because fast decisions are not always good ones.

I also find that the slower process is beautiful because it forces us to pause between each of the steps and the process is mostly a tangible one. It's possible to rush a film through in a relatively short period of time and have a print ready, but the point here is that the human touch of placing the negative in the carrier, adjusting the easel, focusing the negative, inserting paper, using our own hands, fingers, and arms to work on the print exposure, and rocking trays to develop and tone our prints, adds a human element to the process. That is what I miss the most when I'm forced to work digitally. I do not enjoy it, because it feels so lacking of human interaction.
Another aspect of the film based process is that you can't reverse many of the steps like you can in digital. If you don't like what you did in the layers when you edit digitally, you can just back track or start over. With film that's not possible. I thoroughly enjoy being on that knife's edge with one attempt to succeed or fail. That is exciting to me.

Then everybody else can do what they think is exciting.