Oh... and here are the industry study recommendations to the governments:


Based on the testing completed at the FAA Technical Center in Atlantic City, I3A

recommends a limit of five passes through the carry-on baggage security check point

systems for all color negative and reversal film, including single-use cameras, up to and

including ISO 800 speed film. While in some cases it may take a greater number of

passes to cause damage to film, we believe that a five pass limit allows for an appropriate

margin for safety. If lower speed film, ISO 100 through 800, is being carried on

extended trips, and it is necessary to submit the film through security screeners more than

five times, travelers should request hand inspection of their film. I3A further recommends

that all film with an ISO rating greater than 800, black and white films, motion picture

films, and films used for medical imaging ALWAYS be hand inspected. FAA

regulations support the request by passengers for hand inspection of film.