living these days is difficult and expensive.
try getting unprocessed / whole foods
or foods without HFCS ... it costs a kings ransom ..

photography is no different. sometimes things cost a bit more
and take a bit more time to make.
i agree with ian, there is a wonderful mix these days, someone with a camera
( electronic or non electronic ) has so many choices, prints made of ink
prints made with silver, or iron or copper plate gravure ... the world of image making
has opened up which is good and bad ..
its good because of the new possibilities it gives us, and it is bad because what old school
hard core purists might suggest is the death of their medium.
there will be film and paper for a long time, and when the big companies stop making as much of it
it will become more expensive. we are at about 1900 these days, and in some ways going backwards
as well as 2013 going forwards ... people are cranky as upstarts are using roll film instead of glass plates
and people are cranky as other upstarts enjoy immediate gratification ...

i used to be cranky, now i don't really care ...
and i try to cook food from scratch, and if i have to
use something in a can or pouch, i don't fret..