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He said Ilford doesn't rebrand. He didn't say Harmon (the parent company) doesn't rebrand. Harmon has brands like Kentmere and Ilford....
Yes we all say Ilford when we really mean, as I did, Harman. Since the new company arose out of the ashes of Ilford's demise in 2005 it is actually Harman. However Ilford and Harman in this context are interchangeable so I am unclear what the difference is between his saying that your quote above "Ilford doesn't re-brand. He didn't say Harmon ( the parent company) doesn't re-brand". I am equally unclear how Harman is now the parent company of Ilford

We use the word Ilford because it is a convenient way to refer to Harman but there is no separate Ilford company unless you know something I don't.

I think that Simon Galley had better gives us an unequivocal statement on whether Kentmere 400 is the same film as the new Agfa 400 to avoid the impression that he uses "legalise-type" language to make a statement which, it appears you think, doesn't lie but doesn't truthfully explain what Ilford's/Harman's position actually is.

Maybe I have misunderstood your statement but if I believed that Ilford, whoever they are, do one thing but the more shadowy parent company(Harman)can do another then I would have difficulty believing any statement that Simon Galley made