Hi Everyone,

I have the Standard size Harison film changing tent for sale.

This unit is the Original or Standard sized tent and every ounce of this product is durable and reliable. I've owned it for quite a few years but today it looks virtually like new.
Please take a moment and review the attached photos to get a sense of the tents condition and quality.

This model will handle 8x10 and on down.

Just as a reminder the HFCT is safe for infra-red films. It's reflective coating helps keep the interior cool if you do need to reload film in high noon sun light.

Price: $175 net to me. Payment by PayPal though I will accept a check from US buyers. Sale and shipment to US & Canadian addresses as well as select international destinations.

Shipment to US & Canada via insured Priority Mail. International shipping by UPS or Fedex only.

Please PM me with your questions.

Best Regards,

Don Bryant