What does le Ducís tortoise teach us about color perception? Lots of things. Sapphires lose their flash under artificial light. Opals and hydrophanes only sparkle when wet. Royal in-breeding can make aesthetes downright squirrelly. But most critically: color isnít lying to us, weíre lying to us. You can change any objectís color by playing around with the light, putting other colors next to it, or adding movement. But color perception is transformed most profoundly, at times, inside our skulls.

Fun little article about color perception.

It was a few years back that I realized that there was no such thing as "perfect real color" in a photo. IMO as close as we can ever get is "its the way I like it".

Sometimes our audience gets to define it, sometimes we do.

So, how do you use colors?
Do you use it to set mood or...?